Supporting your Supervisors and Team Leaders

Supervisors and Team Leaders are the backbones of an organisation. They provide immediate support to the ground, to ensure good execution. They “get things done”.

However, they are the group that is often overlooked by management.

So what can we do to support our team leaders and supervisors?

1) recognise them. Everyone wants to be appreciated for their hard work and effort although people have a different preference for the ways to be appreciated. Some prefer Intrinsic (praise and encouragement) rewards while others need something more tangible and extrinsic like bonuses and raises. Some employees enjoy being recognised in the presence of fellow colleagues (public) and there may be others who are shy and prefer recognition done privately.

2) support them with leadership training. They are often promoted from the rank and file due to their hard work and positive attitude. However, leadership is a learnt behaviour, like riding a bicycle or playing the piano. Few of us are born leaders. Supervisors and team leaders might have learnt some management skills while on the job or through observing their leaders earlier in their career. Training and development programs give them the opportunity to be fully equipped with tools and techniques to handle people’s matter.

3) Empower them to do more.  They are working on the ground and at the frontline. They understand the customers’ problems and operational issues best. Give them the authority to resolve workplace challenges directly. In this way, they take ownership. This will also increase their work satisfaction.
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