Demystifying Employee Engagement

HR professionals have long understood the value of employee engagement. Engagement programs are increasing in the workplace.

In order to design a holistic plan to engage employees, we start by understanding the subject.

Just like happiness, to feel engaged is a state of mind within the individual. It is characterized by

1) active participation in workplace activities,
2) commitment to workplace success and team, and
3) able to maintain focus on work.

Simple techniques and tools to engage your team:

1) create a safe environment for every member of the organisation. Staff feel safe suggesting new ideas, asking questions and know that the organisation’s culture allows (or even encourage) risk-taking. Staffs feel involved in the success of the team.

2) we tend to be more committed to people whom we know well and have a good relationship with. For instance, we respond to a friend’s request for favour (vs a stranger’s request). Hence, create opportunities for team building and team bonding to enhance working relationships.

3) ensure workplace issues are resolved fairly and quickly. Nothing demoralises employees more than injustice. Bad news spread. Workplace challenges are opportunities for leaders to step up and take action for the team. It is the leaders’ chance to win the support of the team

4) communicate vision, mission and values all the time. Your team wants to be part of this exciting journey. Share with them how the future looks like for the organisation.
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