An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

Since 2009, our training programmes focuses on creating and building the following:

  • workplace behavioural improvements
  • a corporate culture within the organisation that sustains desired behaviour
  • business results, including enhanced customers’
  • satisfaction, increased sales and improved operation efficiency
  • a learning environment to promote continuous growth and improvement

We are able to achieve these objectives by engaging your senior managers, operational managers and executives through public workshops, customised in-house training, talks, seminars and coaching sessions.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and packed with tools and resources.  The delivery is interactive and lively, focusing on engaging the participants throughout.

We are the authorized distributors to some of the best training and development programmes around the world. Locally we work with a proficient team of trainers and consultants who bring with them a wealth of experience from various industries.

Our Training Methodology is based on our beliefs that:
  • Telling is not training. People learn best through a process of discovery and questioning.
  • Participants learn not just from the trainers, but also from other participants through discussions, sharing and case studies.
  • Adults’ attention span is limited and thus multiple bite size training is more effective than a long workshop stretching over a few days. We refer to this as “measured development”.
  • After training follow-up is as important as the training itself.
  • Space repetition ensures long term retention of knowledge.

All of the above differentiates us from traditional training methodology resulting in effective learning and development for our participants.