Workplace Alliance for Health

Co-funded by Health Promotion Board, WAH offers corporations with more than 200 employees a cost-effective opportunity to introduce or enhance their wellness programmes for employees.

WAH gives you the choice of selecting from an array of wellness solutions. There are two packages available, Elementary and Advanced.


(50% co-funded by HPB)

Its ease of implementation makes the Elementary Package perfect for companies looking to kick-start their Workplace Health Promotion effort. Designed to be completed within 3 to 12 months, the Elementary Package helps companies carry out and follow up on health screenings for employees, successfully implement one health promotion policies, and take on one of the following national programmes:

National Programmes


  1. Motivational Talk
    – For Smokers & Non-Smokers
    – Minimum group size is 20pax.
  2. IQuit group counselling Sessions
    – For Smokers
    – Group size is 8 to 15pax
  3. IQuit Roadshows
    – For Smokers
    – 4 or 8 hours long

Cooking Demo or Nutrition Workshops

  1. Cooking Demonstration
    – Minimum group size is 15pax.
  2. Nutrition Workshop
    – Minimum group size is 15pax.

Mental Well Being Workshops

  1. Management Training Workshop
    – Care for themselves
    – Care for others
  2. Experiential sessions
    – Eg: Mindfulness, Plastic Shrink Art and Terrarium

Communicable Disease Workshops

Workplace Infectious Diseases Education Talk. Participants will receive information on:

– Awareness and understanding of HIV, Tuberculosis and Influenza at an individual level
– Good hygiene practices to prevent transmission

– Minimum group size is 20 pax.

– Lead time required: 2 weeks

Health Promoting Policy

Category of policies Type of policies
Healthy Eating Healthier catering policies that are in accordance with HPB guidelines
  Healthier beverage policies that are in accordance with HPB guidelines:

– All drink stalls/cafes/kiosks are required to serve lower-sugar drinks as default option

– All drinks stalls in food court/coffee shops are required to only display HCS drinks at store front

– All vending machines are required to provide at least 70% HCS packaged drinks or zero-calorie products

  Healthier dining policies where all F&B outlets are required to:

–  Offer wholegrain staples as an option (when served in rice, porridge, noodle, bread and other cereal staple)

–  Use healthier oil (in accordance with HPB guidelines)

–  Serve at least 1 lower-calorie option (500kcal main dish/ set meal and 250kcal side dish)

Smoking Cessation Policies that prohibit the sale of cigarettes on the premises
  Policies to support a smoke-free workplace (e.g. no smoking in uniform, no smoking in areas outside of designated smoking area)
Communicable Diseases Policy for managing Tuberculosis (TB) at the workplace
  Policy for managing HIV/AIDS at the workplace
General Health Protected time for employees to participate in health promotion activities
  Flexi-benefits scheme that supports options on healthy lifestyle and programmes
Holistic Workplace Policies to support employee assistance, crisis management (e.g. trauma) and change management (e.g. retrenchment, re-designation)
  Work-Life Policies (e.g. Flexible work arrangements, telecommuting options)
  Policies to support breastfeeding staff (e.g. breastfeeding facilities)
  Strong workplace safety and health management systems in place to protect the wellbeing of employees


Designed to be completed within 12 months, the Advanced Package is for companies that want to focus on targeted interventions with specific health goals in one or more of the following areas:

The Advanced Package aims to deliver concrete health outcomes amongst your employees in the above areas.