You want it fast, you want it yesterday. At Performance Leadership, we are committed to your success. We don’t just deliver results. We help your team learn better and faster, so as to minimise time away from work and disruption in their workflow, hence putting your organisation ahead!

Performance Leadership continuously seeks to condense the learning process by exploring innovative ways to train and develop.

1) Using bite-size, microlearning, whatever approach, to
– utilise pockets of time during the day
– break into digestible chunks to enhance understanding and retention

2) incorporating the concepts of the “flipped classroom”.
– Learner-centred, to focus on learners’ progress, instead of Trainer-centred
– Participants are introduced the topics BEFORE the training, so as to reduce the time for knowledge transfers during workshops
– Workshops are designed to engage through real-life problem solving

3) removing what is not necessary to tailor to your organisation’s culture.
– Customise quickly through competencies mapping using small, independent, and stackable modules
– Build on the existing knowledge base and past training (to protect your investment),
– Followup coaching on current learning platforms to reinforce behavioural change.

1-Day Power Pack Management Training

9 topics to choose from, based on 11 core critical competencies for the busy executives.

1) Decision Making in the face of Uncertainty
2) Managing Change in a VUCA world
3) Simplifying Multi-generational Communication
4) Coaching in the Moment
5) Developing the Business Acumen in You
6) Leading by Colors – understanding the impact of personality and behavioural preferences
7) Driving Progress with Innovation
8) The Art and Science of Influence
9) NLP Communication at the workplace



Participant Reviews

Good Structure approach to problem solving.

I like the way we conducted the group discussion.

This is a topic that resonates with everyone (especially the live exercise). This makes discussions more effective and interesting.

Clear delivery, structured approach easy to follow.

Straight to the point, very powerful.

Very clear, concise & comprehensive.

Gives a practical outlook + solution to daily problems.