Reorganise: Getting your team ready for 2019 – a year of CHANGE!

The outlook for 2019 is not the best. With global protectionism and a possible downturn, how are you getting your team ready to weather the tough time? What is your game plan? To defend your turf or to venture into unchartered water? Either case, you need to Change and Manage Change – which is one of the most dreaded moments in management. Some experts say the change management failure rate is as high as 70%. An alarming thought if your organization is embarking on this journey. How can we ensure we are able to move forward? Today we deal with the 6 common types of blockers in organisations.


The Lazy: It is too much effort or work!
Solution: Implement change management strategies in stages. Break it down into smaller milestones.  Avoid “change fatigue” which causes burnout due to an excessive amount of changes all at once.


The Worrier: I will lose my job or be replaced.
Solution: Worriers are risk-averse. Communicate that the change is designed to improve their role by addressing current pain points and challenges, not to remove their role. Address the employees fear of job loss by showing how they are still of value to the current and future state of the organization.


The Inferior: This is too challenging for me! I can’t do it!
Solution: Inferior lacks confidence! Create a formal training program before implementing any change for them. The training program must ensure that it will provide them with the skill set required to do their role successfully after the changes have been executed.


The Skeptics: I do not trust or support the individual (management) leading the change!
Solution: They don’t trust anyone. Is this a scheme to cut cost? Choose multiple individuals at all levels to be champions of change to connect to the entire organisation. Failure to have champions at all levels can result in employee resistance to change and disengagement as they may not personally like the individual advocating change and will ultimately resist. Having a champion at all levels helps employees see that the company has done their due diligence to see how the change impacts the organization at all levels.


The Status Quo: If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!
Solution: These people want to live and die with their routine in their comfort zone. Create a very clear vision of the strategic changes and communicate it often with employees. Show the positive impact that it will have at all levels of the organization.  Get individuals excited to embark on a new journey that will make the organization more effective and efficient than before!


The Impatient: It will take too long to see the results!
Solution: Create short-term wins. To ensure employees follow through on strategic goals requiring change, celebrate simple gains instead of only focusing on the end result. This will help engage employees by showing them progress toward the long-term goal.


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