Bonus! Revitalise your team through Coaching

Many forward-looking and progressive organisations are already implementing various ways to engage, empower and enable employees. One of the most effective strategies is to develop a strong coaching culture, making coaching a way of life.
Here are 4 fundamental skills of Coaching: CLAP!


Develop a Coaching Mindset
You act according to what you think. To be able to coach would require you to first develop a coaching mindset. This would allow you to consciously or subconsciously seek and seize coaching opportunities during the course of your work.


Listen 100%
The focus of your coaching is your coachee, not you. Listening 100% enables you to know where your coachee is coming from and what they are looking. You meet the coachee where he or she is, not where you are. This means you coach from their standpoint. When you listen 100%, you are able to empathise and you do not project your own experience.


Ask Coaching Questions
Questions have the power to unlock minds and shift thinking. Your questions allow your coachee to see the problem from new perspectives and create new possibilities. Your questions enable your coachee to tap into the resources that reside within them. They become more motivated since they are ones who develop the ideas.


Pause to give space
Give your coachee space to process and explore their thinking and feeling, and to express them.


Abstracted with permission from “Coaching in the Moment” authored by Tan Swee Heng. Available in Amazon and all major bookstores. Contact us if you are interested in getting a copy.
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