Creating Intrapreneurs – how to build a culture of entrepreneurship within

For any organisation to stay relevant, it has to continuously reinvent itself. This is even more critical in challenging times. Probably with the exception of Steve Jobs and a couple of other icons, it will be unrealistic to expect all the ideas to be generated from a single person. Great companies depend on the collective talent of the team. Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs in their own organisations. They are passionate, committed and most importantly, drives change with their own effort.

As a leader, how can you create a culture where intrapreneurs flourish? To do that, here are 4 tips:

1) Self-confidence – employees who are confident believe in their own ability. They tend to speak up more, offer their ideas,  and willing to take charge. Good leaders build the confidence of their members through a system of training and development, recognition and rewards.

2) Build a safe environment for employees to encourage risk-taking. Entrepreneurs take the risk. Make it easier for your team members by not punishing those who failed (at least not excessively). When other colleagues sees that, they will be more inclined to take the same steps.

3) Bonding and feel supported. Employees who are attempting anything new needs to feel supported by the team.  Thus, it helps if they are having a good relationship with their fellow colleagues. Creating opportunities to deepen friendship in the workplace.

4) Lastly, the most important point, lead by example. Be willing to attempt new things, whether it is about enhancing existing processes or adapting to technologies.  Talk to your team about your success and always be ready to admit your mistakes. The team is quietly observing.

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