Leadership Development Programme: July 2017 Bullet Proof Manager Session

Monthly Leadership Development Programme: 20th July 2017 (Thursday), 8:30am – 1pm

Stimulate Strategic Thinking [featuring Ron Crossland (top left)

When a financial news magazine asked executives what makes the world’s most respected companies truly great, the top factor they named was having a sound business strategy.

While great strategic thinking may be the rarest of executive skills, Ron Crossland says the human brain is actually hard-wired to think strategically. In this session, he’ll show us how.

An electronics engineer by training, Ron Crossland is now an expert in organizational performance and a top-selling author of such books as The Leader’s Voice and The Leadership Experience.

Learning Goals

  • Identify the role of vision in strategic thinking.
  • Understand the importance of communicating a “coherent life story.”
  • Balance passion and process.
  • Apply the “Five P’s” of remarkable workplace performance.

Leadership Influence Through Emotional Intelligence [featuring Colleen Stanley (top right)]

Challenges leaders to evaluate their proficiencies in four critical areas:

(1) Self-Awareness – the ability to recognize and understand emotions, triggers, strength, challenges and personal motivators.

(2) Self-Management ‐ the ability to control feelings and behaviors, adapt to changing circumstances, practice resilience and tenacity, and implement strategies for personal growth.

(3) Social Awareness ‐ the ability to empathize with the experiences of others, understand the dynamics of power and influence within
a group or organization, and positively impact the needs of others.

(4) Relationship Management ‐ the ability to inspire and influence, build teams and team consensus, communicates and executes the vision, develops positive relationships and creates trust and credibility.

Learning Goals

  • Recognize Triggers and Name Emotions: Triggers are accompanied by emotions. Reactions accompany those emotions. In any given situation, the reaction has the potential to damage relationships. Acknowledging the trigger and accurately naming the emotion are the jumping off point for each of the four critical areas of emotional intelligence.
  • Five Point Model: Provide a clearly defined model for managing emotionally-charged situations to reach proactive rather than reactive responses in the workplace. You will learn new concepts and tools that will strengthen your emotional intelligence and propel you to a new level of influential leadership.
  • Create High Performance Teams: By applying the proficiencies and key take-a-ways introduced, leaders will recognize and build teams that have a strong influence on the financial performance. Creating and sustaining a healthy company culture allows for continued growth and maximized earning potential.
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