Leadership Development Programme: January 2020 Bullet Proof Manager Session

Monthly Leadership Development Programme: 16th December 2020 (Thursday), 8:30 am – 1 pm

Raise the Customer Service Crossbar [featuring Jack Mackey (top left)]

Renowned author and speaker Zig Ziglar once told the story of an athlete who set a world record in a high jump competition.

When he was asked how he did it, the athlete answered, “I threw my heart over the bar and the rest of me followed.”
How can we create a similar attitude – and result – in our delivery of customer service? It begins with a good coach – like Jack Mackey.

Jack Mackey is an executive with one of the world’s top consumer research companies. His insights on customer service, recovery and loyalty are based on personal experience and data from over 100 million customer transactions.

Learning Goals

  • Define customer satisfaction in your business.
  • Examine factors that create customer loyalty.
  • Identify ways to enhance the customer experience.

Deliver Results the First Time [featuring Andy Bounds (top right)]

“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers,” warned the great Peter Drucker. “The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.” If Drucker is right, then these are dangerous times indeed.

With so much data and uncertainty weighing on our decisions, asking the wrong questions – to arrive at the wrong destination – are mistakes we can’t afford to make. To help put us on the right course, we will hear from Andy Bounds.

A communications expert, Andy Bounds has been honored as Britain’s “Sales Trainer of the Year.” His book The Jelly Effect: How to Make Your Communication Stick is a best-selling business classic.

Learning Goals

  • Focus on results by asking “future-based questions.”
  • Apply a four-step question technique to set proper direction.
  • Achieve better results through clear communication and delegation.
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