Leadership Development Programme: February 2020 Bullet Proof Manager Session

Monthly Leadership Development Programme: 20th February 2020 (Thursday), 8:30 am – 1 pm and 1.30 pm – 6 pm

Take Charge of Talent Management [featuring Kathleen Quinn Votaw (top left)]

Building and managing your team is much like building and managing a team of elite athletes, such as an Olympic team. You want the best – based on skill and attitude.

Talent management is the process that guides how we recruit, interview, hire, and retain a world-class workforce. It is critical to build a network of talent with the skills you need now and in the future to ensure you are an employer of choice when candidates have options.

Learning Goals

  • Recognize the importance of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retaining in a comprehensive talent management program.
  • Apply the big picture perspective of recruiting and hiring for a diverse workforce.
  • Employ an effective, structured vision for your workforce that focuses on immediate and future needs for expanding your team in an increasingly competitive market.

Bridging the Multigenerational Gap in the Workplace [featuring Amy Lynch (top right)]

Leaders who recognize the impact of the modern age-diverse workforce can also discover the key to overcoming negative stereotypes and build communication strategies to help bridge the gaps. The Multigenerational. Leadership module introduces the advantages of having a wider range of experienced people working together and prepares managers to more skillfully and confidently lead such a team.

Crestcom has collaborated with Amy Lynch, the highly-respected authority on Generational Intelligence. As a Crestcom faculty member, Amy will help you understand why it’s essential to change intergenerational behaviors so you can get results.

Learning Goals

  • Learn how to identify generational stereotypes and better engage the skills on your team.
  • Illustrate how multigenerational communication and skills can bridge the gaps and provide better connectivity.
  • Develop an effective approach to attract, retain, and lead a multigenerational team.
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