Leadership Development Programme: December 2016 Bullet Proof Manager Session

Monthly Leadership Development Programme: 8th December 2016 (Thursday), 8:30am – 1pm

Conflict Resolution Techniques [featuring Dr. Kimberly Alyn (top left)] 


Research shows that managers spend as much as 25 to 40 percent of their time dealing with conflict-related issues. Imagine what you could achieve if you could spend this time doing something else. The truth is, maybe you can.

In this session, Dr. Kimberly Alyn shares techniques for effectively managing conflict, so leaders can spend their time doing something else – something better.

Dr. Alyn is a popular international speaker, a best-selling author, and a specialist in inspiring managers to achieve more in their lives and their leadership.

Learning Goals

  • Understand the five common myths of conflict.
  • „ Identify the three primary types of conflict.
  • „ Overcome the six barriers to conflict resolution.
  • „ Apply the Dialogue Method of conflict resolution.

Leadership Strategies [featuring Ron Crossland (top right)]


How do you create purpose and meaning in an organization – something that captures the hearts of people and transcends the bottom line? Even more, how do you get employees to embrace that shared purpose as their own? For effective leadership strategies we look to Ron Crossland.

An electronics engineer by training, Ron Crossland is now an expert in organizational performance and a top-selling author of such books as The Leader’s Voice and The Leadership Experience.

Learning Goals

  • Discover the three enduring strategies of leadership.
  • „Apply the four attributes of authentic leadership.
  • „Build a more engaged workforce by balancing control and initiative.
  • „ Inspire people and move them forward.
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